NCL Pearl

pearl-72Introducing to the Monster family…The NCL Pearl! This Jewel Class ship has been designed specifically for the concert cruise market. Featuring 5 of the hottest venues on the high seas, more dining options than ever before and adding to it the friendly and attentive service that NCL is well known for…this experience will impress even the most discerning cruise and music fan!

NCL released The Pearl in 2006 and is the third in NCL’s Jewel class. With it’s jewel-toned designs and beautiful artwork throughout the ship, The NCL Pearl is known for an incredible amount of dining and lounge options. So…grab a glass at Magnum’s Champagne and Wine Bar or a pint at Maltings Beer and Whiskey Bar. Prefer a something straight up? Why not stop into Shakers Martini & Cocktail bar…the options truly are endless!

Of course, what is a good drink without incredible cuisine to go with it? With over 18 both Complimentary and Specialty Dining options, you can find anything your heart desires! Something formal, casual, don’t even want to leave your room, pizza at 3 am…The Pearl’s dining options will satisfy whatever you crave!

What about entertainment? The Pearl has that handled! Of course, we are helping her out with amazing performances and events throughout the ship, however if you need a quiet moment, you can always relax by the pool or take a moment for yourself in the Mandara Spa. Need some exercise? Get your workout on at the incredible Body Waves fitness center or head up to the rock-climbing wall for a good sweat! And nightlife?? You can dance the night away in the Bliss Ultra Lounge & Night Club or grab a cocktail and some friends and STRIKE up some fun at the 4-lane bowling alley on board! The Pearl has everything you want in a vacation…add in some incredible music and you are in heaven from start to finish!

For a Virtual Tour of the Pearl, Click Here.